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School Contracts

Aims of Allsorts Schools Contracts

  • To provide a range of support to students who are LGBT+, or exploring their sexual orientation and/or gender identity. Especially to those who are experiencing challenges and difficulties at school or at home as a result of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity.
  • To increase LGBT+ awareness, inclusion and safety throughout the whole school community through educational workshops, assemblies, staff training and LGBT+ Inclusion Awards; with a particular emphasis on recognising, challenging and reporting all LGBT+phobic incidents and bullying with the aim of reducing and eventually eradicating such incidents from schools.
  • To increase the visibility and inclusion of LGBT+ identities and the LGBT+community throughout the school and the wider community, and across the teaching curriculum.

How much does the Allsorts School Contract cost?

  • £3,000 per financial year for 30 hours of contact time.
  • You can choose how you use your hours based on the needs of your students and your school.

What does the contract provide your school?

  • One-to-one support during school hours
  • LGBT+ Awareness & Inclusion workshops for students
  • LGBT+Assemblies for students
  • LGBT+ Awareness & Inclusion training for staff
  • Information, advice and guidance for pastoral staff, senior leaders and governors

In addition to your 30 hours of contact time, you will also receive;

  • Termly updates on the hours you've used
  • Termly LGBT+ resources and activities
  • Termly "Ask Allsorts" sessions and an opportunity to connectwith other schools in your area around LGBT+ inclusion.
  • Easy referral pathways to LGBT+ youth groups, activities and residentials, outside of school hours.
  • Easy referral pathways to our Family Support Service

Once signed up, what will we need your school to do?

  • To identify a lead worker as a point of contact
  • Introductory meeting with the Allsorts Worker to connect at the beginning of the contract
  • Referral forms for one-to-one services to be used
  • Staff training to be prioritised

What can you expect from Allsorts?

  • Identified Allsorts Worker as a point of contact
  • All one-to-one support services delivered online and in-person
  • All services delivered by specialist and experienced Workers who are DBS & reference checked and trained in safeguarding and first aid

To get in touch and find out more, please email

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