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Allsorts Youth Project produces a wide range of publications for young people and professionals, organisations & groups working with LGBT+ Youth.  

"In preparation to support a young person from a referral that had come in, I found Allsorts' website following a Google search last night. I’d just like to say how amazing it is! The amount of information is fantastic and your resources are just perfect. Specifically, I downloaded ‘Managing Gender Dysphoria’, and can’t express how important a resource it is, and will be, to young people. I came back to the site today and read ‘Allsorts of Coming Out’ which again, is just great."

Specialist Community Public Health Nurse, Stoke-On-Trent

All of our resources are free to use - we ask that if you download a resource to use that you kindly consider making a small contribution to the project so we can continue to create these resources, educate & empower our young people and ensure that their voices are heard.

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