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Allsorts Youth Project listens to, connects & supports children & young people under 26 who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans or exploring their sexual orientation and/or gender identity (LGBT+) and their families.

Our Services

Youth Services button - A faded background photo behind a dark purple semi-transparent screen of two teenagers / young people, sitting together laughing. One is wearing an LGBT rainbow flag t shirt. Large white writing reads "Youth"Parents & Carers Button: A faded background image behind a semi-transparent green screen. The photo is of two parents walking through a forest, holding their child's hands on either side, swinging them up. Large white text reads "Parents & Carers"Training & Education Button: A faded background image behind a semi-transparent purple screen. The photo is of 4 adults sitting around and office table with laptops and papers, working together. Large white writing in front reads Training. The link leads to Allsorts LGBT training & education pagesResources Button: A faded background image behind a semi-transparent orange screen. The photo is of a young person sitting in a living room on a chair, with their left leg resting on their right, holding a phone in both hands and looking down at the screen, wearing a hoodie, glasses and an LGBT rainbow scarf. Large overlaid writing reads "Resources"

Current waiting times

Youth Groups & One-to-One Sessions
Up to 2 weeks for initial induction

Parents & Carers Service
Up to 2 weeks for initial induction

A cartoon love heart filled with the LGBT pride flag, split in two halves. The left half has the LGBT pride flag, the right half has the intersex and trans pride flag

Any LGBT+ space is your space.

Allsorts is committed to creating an organisation that is representative of our wonderfully diverse LGBT+ community.

We endeavour to employ a POC and Minority Ethnic workforce and recruit and involve POC and Minority Ethnic trustees, to ensure representative support for young people within our service.

To ensure competency across the board, all our staff have undertaken inclusion training, which has equipped them with skills to empathetically work with children and young people from all walks of life.

If you would like to know more, or have any questions, head over to our Inclusion Pledge & Anti-Racism Statement

To get in touch with Allsorts, please visit our contact page

If you are in crisis, please click here to access services offering crisis support.

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