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Parents & Carers Service


Allsorts Parents & Carers Service emerged in 2013 in response to the need for parents/carers of children and young people who are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender or exploring their sexual orientation and/or gender identity (LGBT+), to connect and provide each other with support, community and friendship. 

To find out more about the types or support on offer, please get in touch by filling in the Parents & Carers Enquiry Form below.

What we do:

It is our intention to provide an opportunity to:

  • Find support, community and friendship with other parents/carers and families.
  • Share experiences and information with other parents/carers and families.
  • Have your voice heard and, when appropriate, have your views fed into consultations with local and national services about raising and supporting LGBT+ children and young people.

What we don't do:

  • Provide, or subscribe to, one explanation of why children and young people are LGBT+ or exploring their sexual orientation or gender-exploring.
  • Provide any diagnosis or assessment of children and young people.
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Further Reading & Information

Evolve: Four-Week Programme

Evolve is a 4-week programme provided by Allsorts Youth Project available to young people and parents/carers of young people who are:

The Evolve 4-week programme have been developed to help and support young people and families to;

Find out more or sign-up to the Evolve 4-Week Programme here

Parentline Text Service

Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust has recently launched Parentline, a confidential text service which parents can use to contact the service about problems with their children’s health, such as: sleep issues, continence, poor school attendance, emotional health, low self-esteem, low mood, low- level anxiety, and lifestyle concerns such as weight loss or gain.
Tel. 07312 277011

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