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Meet our Team

A big Allsorts of Love shout out to our amazing volunteers, supporters,
fundraisers, friends and allies who all contribute so much to our vital work.

Thank you – we wouldn’t have as much impact without you!

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Chief Executive


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As CEO, my role is to oversee the project's strategic and financial development. I have the privilege of managing the incredible team we have here at Allsorts, and I take great pride in ensuring the feedback we receive from children, young people and families is listened to and has meaningful impact on our organisation.

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My role is to oversee Allsorts' wonderful services and provide clear and effective leadership for our managers. I have over 20 years experience in youth and community work developing projects which help to support young people and their Families. I am also part of the funding & development team to ensure that Allsorts is reaching out to as many people as possible. Part of my role is also to ensure that our services are fun, interactive and safe, and I also love to get involved with events. Youth and community work is my passion and it has been a real privilege to work in this area over the years.

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Ryan G


Youth Service Manager

& Safeguarding Lead

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My role is to manage our youth provision across Sussex and make sure our amazing team is well supported to deliver youth services which are fun, safe and effective. I love seeing the development in children & young people and the incredible things they go on to achieve with the support of the Youth Support Workers.As Designated Safeguarding Lead, another part of my role is to assess, review and develop our safeguarding procedures, work with a variety of professionals to safeguard children and young people as well as input into local and national safeguarding conversations.

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Training &

Education Manager

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My role is to devise, develop and deliver LGBT+ Awareness & Inclusion training and programmes for organisations.  The purpose of this is to help them improve their knowledge and increase their confidence in understanding and supporting LGBT+ people, and make their organisations more inclusive and safer spaces.  I love having the opportunity to engage in such a wide variety of conversations with people about a subject I am passionate about.

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Senior Practitioner

& Dep. Safeguarding Lead

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My role involves supporting the Frontline Team to plan and deliver an inclusive and extensive variety of youth activities; I contribute to the planning of Allsorts community events and am also involved in embedding youth participation within the organisation. I really enjoy the variety of tasks that my role has with the overall aim of delivering a youth led service.

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Senior Practitioner

Parents & Carers Service

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I support the families of young LGBT+ people through one-to-one support and facilitating group sessions. I believe passionately that families need safe spaces where they can be seen and heard, and where they can explore their feelings. I love seeing families grow in strength, confidence, and hope for their young person's future and to see families make lifelong friendships which extend far beyond Allsorts.

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Youth Support


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My role is to support the children and young people within the project through one-to-one sessions and youth groups, also leading on our LGBT+ group for people of colour. I love being able to help provide such an important and safe space for our brilliant young people through activities and sport, and give them skills that they can hopefully continue to use!

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Youth Support


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In my role I work across East Sussex supporting our young people through our groups and one-to-ones as well as telling other services about the great work we do at Allsorts. My favourite part of the job is working one-to-one with people and helping them get where they want to be. Whether that’s finding new ways to deal with issues at school or helping them fill out applications, I love helping people figure out what they need to take that next step in life.

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Youth Support


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My role here at Allsorts is to support our young people on their personal journeys through group sessions and 1:1 support. Every young person is unique and deserves the time and space to shine. I think it's important show that being your true self is the most beautiful thing someone can be.

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Youth Support


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My role is to support young people with youth groups and 1:1 sessions in Brighton & online. I also dedicate my time to Anti-racism work at Allsorts. I aim to create a safe space for young people to express themselves freely, form community and have fun through activities & outings with Allsorts!

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Ryan J


Youth Support


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My role at Allsorts is to help support our young people in 1:1's and groups. What I love about my job is getting to be my weirdest self and having fun, and creating a safe space for young people to be able to do the same, make new friends, grow in confidence and thrive.

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My role is to develop partnerships with schools and work alongside them to support their LGBT+ young people. I organise and facilitate workshops, assemblies and training for school staff and work with young people on a 1:1 basis. I enjoy getting to know the young people, listening to their experiences and working with schools to champion their LGBT+ students.

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Admin Worker &

RFA Coordinator

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My role is primarily leading on the Rainbow Flag Award for Allsorts where I support schools with their positive LGBT+ inclusion. I'm also responsible for carrying out any administrative duties within the project. I particularly love being able to make an impact on schools by helping them to normalise and celebrate LGBT+ lives.

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LGBT+ Trainer

& Comms Worker

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I deliver LGBT+ Awareness training & workshops, mostly to students & young people. I absolutely love going into schools and showing young people how normal it is to be trans and how best to be an ally to LGBT+ people. I first joined Allsorts as a service user when I was 14 years old, and it's an honour to be able to give back to an organisation that has been such a positive force in my life for nearly a decade.

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My role is to support our young people and assist our youth workers at group sessions as well as create resources to celebrate the visibility of  LGBT+ People of Colour. One of my favourite things about my role is that I get to witness young people grow in confidence in their identity and discover their place in the world.

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Mascot, Social Media

Advisor & Good Girl

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I love posing for Allsorts' Instagram account, and sharing my wisdom and learnings with their followers. Some say I got the job through nepotism, but I like to think it's because I work hard to educate and raise awareness of LGBT+ issues.

Allsorts Youth Project is committed to creating an organisation that is inclusive, safe, understanding and built by the ideas and experiences of our wonderfully beautifully diverse LGBT+ community.

By placing young people’s voices at the centre of our work and consultations, we can ensure that our understanding of their continued and/or changing needs grows with them and informs our service provision.

We warmly welcome Trustees from a range of cultures, backgrounds, contexts, age and experience. We are currently under-represented on the Board by people of colour and those who do not identify as cisgender. We strongly value the contribution that people with these characteristics will bring to our board discussions.  To find out how to apply, please follow this link & download the pack.



Chair & Trustee

A photo of Sally, who is wearing a red and blue plaid shirt and has short, light brown hair, smiling into camera. The background is a garden with a wooden fence and hedges in the distance

As a Senior Leader within the prison service, I have spent over 18 years working in a challenging part of the public sector. I have experience in a range of leadership and management roles and have spent my career working with marginalised and vulnerable people. I am looking forward to bringing those skills and experience to the trustee board and helping Allsorts continue to grow for the benefit of all LGBT + young people.  As a gay parent, the work Allsorts undertakes is particularly close to my heart.  I am keen to help promote and support an inclusive environment for all in our community and ensure that every LGBT+ young person has an opportunity to grow and develop in a supportive and safe environment, which many of the Allsorts services help to enable. I am particularly excited to be returning to Allsorts having started my volunteering journey with the group over 20 years ago.



Deputy Chair & Trustee

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I have experience in a range of roles across the health and care system, including in governance, project management and in running clinical services. I am currently working as a Public Health specialty registrar and have a particular interest in the health and wellbeing of minority groups. I recently led a project to assess the health needs of LGBTQ+ people in East Sussex and worked with some of the incredibly passionate and knowledgeable staff at Allsorts as part of this. Throughout the project, young people told us what a vital service Allsorts was for them and I am keen to work with Allsorts as it grows. I feel privileged to serve as a trustee for an organisation that supports young LGBTQ+ people to thrive.



Treasurer & Trustee

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I am delighted and honoured to join the board of trustees at Allsorts Youth Project. I am a true believer in the value of equality and equal opportunities for everyone in the LGBT+ community and I think that helping children and young people with their gender identity and sexual orientation issues in society now can help build a fairer and kinder society in the future. I come from the financial services industry, where I worked for many years in different leadership roles. I am also studying psychology and I have a strong interest in topics related to mental health.




A photo of Jo who has wide, black rimmed glasses and shoulder length brown/blond hair, wearing a blue jumper and smiling into camera. The background is an old, cobbled brick wall with greenery surrounding it and a blue sky

I have 20 years' experience of working in third sector organisations within social care and health, including my current role as Head of Delivery at a national youth charity, the previous five years at a regional Carers’ Centre, and several years working in the domestic violence sector. I have been aware of the fantastic work which Allsorts does since I volunteered at the Brighton Young People’s Centre at the start of my career.  Since then, in my various roles working with young people and managing charitable services, I have referred several LGBT+ young people to the project, and heard great things about the safe space Allsorts provides.  Most recently, my son made use of Allsorts' positive resources and podcasts during his own coming out journey.  I am excited to be an Allsorts Trustee as its an ideal way to act on my passion for enabling young people to thrive.




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Having worked in Retail & Hospitality for 22 years, supporting young adults to become the best in the field of retail It was always one of my life goals to do the same for a young persons organisation and one that champions the LGBT+ community. I feel very proud to be part of Allsorts and work with incredible people who support young LGBT+ for future success and wellbeing. I currently work as a Retail & Brand consultant working across shops, cafes, hotels and restaurants designing spaces and customer experiences. I am passionate about the lives of LGBT+ people and community and look forward to sharing my lived and work experience with Allsorts an incredible organisation.




A photo of Ruby, who has long brown hair, smiling into camera and wearing a mustard yellow jumper, leaning slightly to the left. The background is the sea and cliffs as the sun sets in a cloudy sky.

I am an experienced Communications professional who has worked mainly within the public sector. I have always been passionate about supporting young people and helping them develop. I have focused on working in Communications in roles that I believed in, predominately in the Higher Education sector. Here, I found the most fulfilment and enjoyment in connecting students with inspiring mentors and industry leaders from their alumni communities. Now that I am working in another field I care about - wellness and fitness - I am delighted to be able to continue to work on my passion and make a positive impact on young people by supporting the vital work of Allsorts Youth Project. Providing young people with a safe space and resources to become more confident in themselves and their identities is central to helping them develop and feel fulfilled, so I am honoured to be supporting this work.




A photo of Keil, leaning back slightly, wearing a patterned jumper with a collar poking out of the top and a short-chained necklace with a yellow pendant on the end. Keil is smiling, looking into camera, and has a beard and short-medium dark curly hair

I am passionate about my work in schools and have devoted at least the last 7 years of my career to improving outcomes for young people in education. I believe that putting a child at the centre of my work so important and I believe that Allsorts charity also values this too. I have a large background in safeguarding and believe that the safety of young people’s health and mental health are vital lately, and look forward to be able to become a part of this charity to make a decent contribution.




A photo of Mo, who has dark, combed back hair and is wearing and open, dark denim jacket over a white t-shirt, looking right and down of camera, laughing. The background is a white-painted room.

Issues around identity and discrimination have always been important to me, so I am delighted to be able to use some of the skills and experience I have gained over the last 25 years working in Human Resources in the private, public and third sectors – as well as some of the training and development opportunities I’ve received – to assist this wonderful organisation. Everyone should feel free to confidently express who they are but that is not always easy for young people, or their families, so it is vital that knowledge is shared throughout our communities, inequality challenged in the many, many settings it can still be found, and the full potential of all young people realised. I’m looking forward to helping in any way that I can and also learning about the challenges, opportunities and real-life experiences of young people in this ever changing, often confusing modern world that we all live in.




A photo of Alex, who has pink long hair, smiling and looking into camera, wearing a black/white striped t-shirt and cream/white jacket and sunglasses on top of her head, standing in front of a pink wooden-panel wall.

I have 7 years’ experience of working in research and evaluation roles across the charity sector, focusing on substance misuse and mental health. I am currently Research Lead within the UK’s largest mental health charity, as an organisation we have a strategic priority to improve the mental health of young people. I am passionate about amplifying the voices of young people with lived experience of mental health problems and other forms of marginalisation to bring about social change. I am delighted to join the board of trustees at Allsorts. I feel proud and passionate about utilising my lived and work experience to support and improve the lives of young LGBT+ people through guiding the direction of this fantastic organisation.

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