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Statement in support of trans, non-binary and gender-exploring people across the UK (5th April 2022)

Allsorts Youth Project stands firmly with all trans, non-binary and gender-exploring people across the UK. We would like to remind all children, young people and families in our community and beyond, that we see, support and value you.  You are not alone.

I am appalled by the government's announcement banning conversion therapy for LGB people, but still supporting the use of it for trans, non-binary and gender exploring people, leaving them at continued risk despite NHS England, The British Psychological Society & 30 other organisations warning that all forms of conversion therapy are "unethical and potentially harmful".

I am devastated that our communities continues to be so advertently targeted, demonised and 'othered' by society, the press and the government.

Everyone is worthy of safety & protection and trans, non-binary and gender exploring people are no less worthy of this than cis people.  

It is unacceptable that the government have gone back on their promise to ban conversion therapy for LGBT+ people, and absurd that they are simultaneously heralding our nation as a global leader in LGBT+ rights in hosting the "Safe To Be Me" conference. A clear message has been made by this decision; it is not safe to be trans, non-binary or gender exploring, and you will not be considered equal under this government.

To the Allsorts children, young people, families, staff, volunteers and allies, I will do everything I can to ensure you continue to have the space and support you need and promise to work with LGBT+ colleagues nationwide to fight this injustice.

Do you want to do something about it?  

Your action can make a difference, so get in touch with your MP via this link and stand up for the human rights of trans, non-binary and gender exploring people in the UK. Read LGBT+ Consortium's statement here.

In solidarity,

Katie Vincent
Chief Executive Officer
Allsorts Youth Project

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