Allsorts Youth Project Stories

Written by our young people, staff and volunteers

I’ll tell you a secret, Allsorts has filled a gap in my life.

30th May 2017

Joe C is a young person who attends Allsorts. Here he explains why Allsorts has filled a gap in his life.

Written by
Joe, Allsorts Young Person

Brighton Pride 2018

7th August 2018

What is was like to be on the bus at Brighton Pride 2018!

Written by
Jo Ansell

Trans Pride 2018

24th July 2018

This year I went to Trans Pride as a member of the public (as in not in my usual work role) and here's how it felt!

Written by
Jo Ansell

Honouring the memory of Jamel Myles

29th August 2018

Our hearts go out to Jamel's family & friends and everyone effected by this tragedy.

Written by
Reuben Davidson - Training & Education Project Worker (South-East)

‘Out’ as a Parent

28th June 2018

Jo returns from maternity leave and shares with us what it's like to be a lesbian parent to two young children.

Written by
Jo Ansell - LGBT Youth Support Worker

Data Privacy Law 25th May 2018

15th May 2018

Allsorts Youth Projects' current privacy & data policy is comprehensive. Due to the new GDPR regulations we are reviewing our policy ensure that it conforms in its entirety to the new regulations. Read about the steps we're taking here.

Written by
Jess Wood MBE

National Coming Out Day 2017

11th October 2017

To celebrate National Coming Out Day our young people and staff have been sharing their stories.

Written by
Allsorts Staff

Allsorts are running LGBTU groups in West Sussex!

June 2017

Allsorts Youth Project now have youth groups in Horsham & Chichester.

Written by

Co-op Causes raises £4638 for Allsorts Youth Project

19th April 2017

Through their brilliant membership scheme the Co-op raised £4,638 for Allsorts Youth Project!

Written by

Community & Youth Volunteer Awards

2nd May 2017

Every year we come together & celebrate the incredible Youth Volunteers and Community Volunteers here at Allsorts.

Written by

Why safe spaces for LGBTU identifying youth need to be protected

31st March 2017

Our very own Freya explores the effects of youth service cuts on LGBTU-identifying young people, and asks the all important question: what can we do next?

Written by

Allsorts is looking for new volunteers!

27th Feb 2017

Allsorts is currently recruiting for LGBT volunteers to help run our weekly youth group.

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World Mental Health Day T-Shirts!

October 10th, 2016

As part of this years World Mental Health Day, Allsorts young people made some amazing tees with messages about mental health.

Written by

Trans Laser Warriors

27th July 2016

A couple of Mondays ago, Transformers went for a game of laser tag. We walked to laser quest, were split into two teams, and strapped on the armor. Reds and Blues. We were told how to hold our guns.

Written by
Allsorts Young Person

Spike in hate crime and racial abuse reported across UK post Brexit

25th July 2016

The team at Allsorts are aware that there has been an increase of hate crime and racial abuse after the Brexit vote that has affected our young people and staff. We would like to take this opportunity to encourage people

Written by
Iain Gowers

Gay! Is that all I am?

23rd June 2016

Coming out is a liberating experience. Coming out can sometimes be a baptism of fire but it is an event that is very specific to LGBT. Every LBGT person at some point comes out, and usually must come out again

Written by
Nick, Allsorts Young Person

Allsorts Youth Project - response to the attack in Orlando

June 23rd, 2016

Our heartfelt thoughts go out to those who have been affected and who have lost their lives. Allsorts of Love

Written by
Allsorts Youth Project
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