Rainbow Flag Award

New Cohort - September 2020

Allsorts Youth Project will be starting a new cohort for the Rainbow Flag Award from September 2020 and welcome you to get in contact with us now to discuss this.  

We will be making concessions on the time-frame for achieving this award for the September 2020 cohort, taking into account any disruption experienced when schools return after the COVID-19 outbreak has passed.

How does The Rainbow Flag Award work?

The Rainbow Flag Award is a national Quality Assurance Framework for all schools and colleges, focusing on LGBT+, (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, plus other related identities), inclusion and visibility. The Rainbow Flag Award encourages a whole organisation approach to LGBT+inclusion, as well as developing strategies to combat LGBTphobic* bullying. 

Previously funded by the Government Equalities Office, via the Department for Education, Allsorts Youth Project have been working alongside our partner organisations; The Proud Trust, Humankind & The Kite Trust since 2016 to deliver this exciting & essential Quality Assurance Framework. Primary, secondary & SEND schools and colleges across the country have been taking part, with Allsorts Youth Project delivering this award in the South-East region.

Committing your school or college to the Rainbow Flag Award means you are undertaking a commitment to improve the lives of the whole school/college community, as well as the LGBT+ young people in your care, those from LGBT+ families, and LGBT+ staff members.

Through a process of self-assessment and ongoing support, monitoring and feedback from us, schools and colleges are offered a variety of interventions, helping them meet set standards in each of the following areas:


Over the first year of participation your school/college will be assessed in each of the six The Rainbow Flag Award standards (above) in two ways:
1.     Evidence of improvements in inclusion and safety for lesbian, gay, bisexual (LGB) and other minority sexual orientations. 

2.     Evidence of improvements in inclusion and safety for trans / non-binary and other minority gender identities.
*The term “LGBTphobic” is used purposefully, to ensure that the experiences of all LGBT+ people are represented. The term “HBT bullying” (homophobic, biphobic and transphobic) may also be heard.

What are the aims of The Rainbow Flag Award?

To equip schools/colleges with the knowledge & confidence in: 

1. The legal requirement to ensure LGBT+ inclusion in schools/colleges.  

2. The Ofsted requirement for them to be effective in tackling LGBT+phobic/ HBT bullying.    

3. The school’s/ college’s moral requirement to meet the needs of LGBT+ young people, given the wealth of evidence showing that LGBT+ young people are still disproportionately affected by mental health issues and suicide ideation and attempts.
For more information or to enquire about taking part in The
Rainbow Flag Award, please email us by clicking the button below or call
01273 721 211  

How is The Rainbow Flag Award different to other quality
assurance frameworks for schools and colleges?

Some quality assurance frameworks for schools and colleges dictate what you should do to become inclusive, but we believe all schools and colleges are different, and, with a bit of support from us, you are best placed to identify the areas where you are strong at and the areas you need support to improve on.

We have designed this QAF around you. The membership price includes the key elements to start you on your journey, then we help you identify what other services your school will need to achieve LGBT+ inclusion.

What will it cost to take part in The Rainbow Flag Award?

Introductory Offer - £495**  

This is for a one-year membership which gives you access to items listed below in order to complete the award. Provided you achieve the award within that year, which is the way it is designed to work, you will then hold the award for an additional 2 years before you will need to renew it.  

What this buys you from Allsorts Youth Project:

*** Written by former Ofsted HMI, Janet Palmer
For more information or to enquire about taking part in The Rainbow Flag Award, please email us by clicking the button below or call 01273 721 211  
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