Consultancy & Advice
for Professionals

Consultancy & Advice for Professionals

Whether you are a youth worker, teacher or other professional that is working with LGBT young people, information, advice, guidance and resources can help make your place of work more inclusive for those who are LGBT or are unsure of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity.

Whilst youth workers and teachers may work in different frameworks and structures, there is a lot of guidance which can be easily implemented to make spaces more affirming and inclusive for LGBTU youth. Young LGBTU people often look to adults to be both professional and respectful but also role-models, champions of diversity and inclusion that value everyone for their own identities.

Allsorts can provide initial advice for free over the phone to professionals, and if more detailed advice or consultancy is needed this can be arranged for a fee.

Training for Professionals

Allsorts can provide tailor-made LGBT Awareness/Trans Awareness training for staff at your organisation. The training can cover a range of issues including: homophobia, biphobia and transphobia awareness; creating safe and supported spaces for LGBT people; and monitoring LGBT service users.  

“I really feel very strongly that it should be compulsory for all workers and managers should do this brilliant training.”
"A mind-boggling eye-opener of a course. Being able to see better through the complications of people’s lives"
"Fantastic course with lots of information, guidance and advice. As well as deepening my knowledge, this course opened up and widened my perspective into the impact and experiences of children and adults who are transgender or are questioning their gender. It also increased my levels of sensitivity, which is always a good thing in social work. Many thanks to the trainers."
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