Toolkits, Booklets & Guides

All of our resources are free to use - we ask that if you download a resource to use that you kindly consider making a small contribution to the project so we can continue to create these resources, educate & empower our young people and ensure that their voices are heard.

Trans Inclusion Schools Toolkit - Supporting trans & gender questioning children & young people in Schools/ Colleges.
Written by the Standards & Achievement team (B&H) and Allsorts Youth Project.

Written by members of our parents group this booklet offers parents support & information when a child/ young person id questioning their gender.

A resource for young people who are LGBT+ and BAMER/PoC and/or Allies

A 'Coming Out' Resource for Young People who are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual (+) or Unsure/Questioning their Sexual Orientation.

A collection of writings by LGBT+ people of faith who have faced adversity because of their identities.

Supportive ways to manage gender dysphoria written for & by Transformers young people.

Top Tips written by the young people of our Transformers Youth Group.

Poster raising awareness of trans inclusion in your shop/ business written & designed by Allsorts young people & staff.

5 simple ways to better mental health & wellbeing, written for and by Allsorts LGBTU young people.

Created by the young people, staff & volunteers at Transformers.

Mental health support & resource booklet written for and by Allsorts LGBTU young people & edited by Emma Welsh.

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