Toolkits, Booklets & Guides

All of our resources are free to use - we ask that if you download a resource to use that you kindly consider making a small contribution to the project so we can continue to create these resources, educate & empower our young people and ensure that their voices are heard.

Trans Inclusion Schools Toolkit: Version 4 Coming Soon

Journey Without a Map: Being a Parent of a Trans Child
Version 2 Coming Soon

A resource for young people who are LGBT+ and BAMER/PoC and/or Allies

A 'Coming Out' Resource for Young People who are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual (+) or Unsure/Questioning their Sexual Orientation.

A collection of writings by LGBT+ people of faith who have faced adversity because of their identities.

Supportive ways to manage gender dysphoria written by and for trans young people.

Top Tips written by the young people of our Transformers Youth Group.

5 simple ways to better mental health & wellbeing, written for and by Allsorts LGBTU young people.

Created by the young people, staff & volunteers at Transformers.

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