Anti-Racism & POC Allyship

Any LGBT+ Space is your LGBT+ space

Allsorts is committed to creating an organisation that is representative of our wonderfully diverse LGBT+ community.

Over the past two years, Allsorts’ management team and board have been reviewing the accessibility and inclusion of our services and work environment. As a key component of this process, we have acknowledged that our teams have lacked the rich diversity of people represented in our LGBT+ community. The primary voices that have been underrepresented across our staff team, volunteers and board, are people of colour (POC), refugee and asylum seeking communities, as well as people from gypsy/traveller communities. 

We are committed to creating safer spaces for LGBT+ people of colour, for service users, employees, volunteers and prospective employees alike. Therefore, we;

  • Endeavour to employ a workforce that is representative of society
  • Endeavour to recruit and involve trustees and volunteers that are representative of society 
  • Strongly encourage job and volunteering applications from people of colour
  • Aim to ensure representative support for young people within our service

Anti-Racism Training
To ensure competency across the board, all of our staff undertake annual mandatory anti-racism training. Provided by an external trainer, the anti-racism sessions equip our teams with skills, knowledge and further reading to empathetically work with children, young people and adults from all walks of life. It also allows us to reflect on how our services and spaces can be more welcoming and supportive to all young people, with particular attention paid to those in our community with intersecting protected characteristics (e.g. LGBT+ and Black). 

Not sure what ‘intersectionality’ is? We recommend watching this video

Allyship Workshops/Resources 
At Allsorts, we value allyship alongside inclusion. An ‘ally’ is someone who supports people who are discriminated against, despite not belonging to that group themselves. We run allyship workshops in our youth groups, to encourage our young people and their families to understand more about intersecting identities within our LGBT+ community. 

If you are interested in learning more, please read our ‘Unboxing our Identities’ resource, which was written to inform and highlight what life may be like for someone who is a person of colour and LGBT+. 

People of Colour Youth Group (16-25’s)
Feeling represented, meeting other people like you, and being mentored by caring and representative adult role models are all vital ingredients in cultivating a community, encouraging friendships and improving self-esteem for all young people. 

Due to the lack of representation on our staff team, board and volunteers, we are aware that LGBT+ young people of colour have not had a fair chance at experiencing the above at Allsorts. 

If we continue to encourage all young people to attend our services if they are in need of support and/or community, whilst also not having a representative team or a safe space for these young people to meet people with similar experiences, we would not be effectively supporting all young people.

For these reasons, we have developed a POC Group, open to 16-25 year olds who are LGBT+ and identify as POC and/or with a mixed heritage/identity. The sessions are led by LGBT+ people of colour, and are available twice a month (one in person, one online). 

You can find out more about Allsorts POC Group here, or contact to find out more.

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