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Under current circumstances surrounding COVID-19 lockdown, many LGBT+ children and young people have been isolated in potentially homo/bi/transphobic households. As a community who already face mental health issues disproportionately to their non-LGBT+ peers (Mental Health Foundation), the effects of this on the mental health of LGBT+ children and young people can be devastating (highlighted in this BBC article).

By providing online groups and one-to-one support for the duration of social distancing/isolation, Allsorts aims to ensure that LGBT+ children, young people and their parents/carers across Sussex and further afield in the South East are not left behind during this pandemic. Additionally, in launching online LGBT+ youth services, we have found that we are now able to support harder to reach people in rural areas, and those with social anxiety and/or mobility issues.
With your help, LGBT+ children and young people throughout Sussex can continue accessing the vital support of Allsorts, connect with their LGBT+ peers, and #KeepProud at this very difficult and isolating time. 

"Allsorts has saved my life. This isn't an exaggeration, the support that Allsorts has provided has lifted me in my darkest days and stopped me attempting suicide many times. I can be safe here. I am so grateful for this service and I hope it can continue to run for many more years."

In the wake of circumstances surrounding COVID-19, we have seen many fundraising events cancelled or indefinitely postponed. It is paramount that Allsorts continues to reach those in need of our services. 

We understand that not everyone is in a position to donate right now. If you can, please consider donating to Allsorts’ #KeepProud campaign. Your generous donations will build on and expand Allsorts’ online services for the duration of social distancing/isolation and beyond, empowering us to continue listening to, supporting and connecting LGBT+ children and young people. 

Visit the #KeepProud Crowdfunder Page or text KEEPPROUD to 70470 to Donate £5 now (texts cost £5 plus one standard rate message). 

Thank you, stay safe and #KeepProud  

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