Our Approach to
Training & Workshop Delivery

Training for Adults:

Allsorts Youth Project has been delivering support services to LGBT+ people for 21 years and delivering training LGBT+ Awareness training and workshops for nearly as long.   

Our current Training & Education Manager, who delivers the majority of our training and workshops, has been delivering this work at Allsorts for eight years and has over 25 years’ experience of working in support services with people in a wide variety of settings and is a qualified therapist.

Allsorts Youth Project training is designed to stimulate thought-provoking discussions through a range of activities.  While concepts of sexual orientation and gender identity are presented, the primary aim of our training is to get delegates to reflect and discuss ‘real world’ issues and challenges that LGBT+ people, their families, and LGBT+ work colleagues face and how best to support them with these.

Our approach is inclusive and non-judgmental, as we believe it is important to allow people to be honest about the gaps in their knowledge, their unconscious biases and their concerns about supporting LGBT+ young people.  Allowing participants the opportunity to express their views on these matters in an open way can lead to important learning and increased confidence in their future work.

We always carry out a pre-training assessment, over the phone, with organisations to ensure the training session is designed to meet the specific needs of the organisation.  This includes establishing if there are any additional learning requirements for individual delegates or the organisation as a whole. We use a training feedback form or allow organisations to use their own, to assess the training, which has informed adjustments and improvements to our training over the years, and copies of these are provided to the host organisation on request.  

Participants who attend our training sessions are invited to call Allsorts should they have any specific issues or questions relating to LGBT+ support and our team will provide information, advice and guidance whenever possible.  If a greater level of support is required we can provide, paid for, advice and consultancy or further training.  

Workshops/Assemblies for Children & Young People:

Our approach is to facilitate open, honest and informed conversations, supported by teachers, to help children and young people develop their understanding and respect for the diversity of their communities, and to leave them feeling more confident when engaging in conversations about these subjects.   

Our workshops are delivered in an accessible and age-appropriate manner, and we continually work collaboratively with teachers, school leaders and the local authority to ensure the content is appropriate and current – and that required delivery standards are always met.  

For more information please contact our training team via email at training @allsortsyouth.org.uk

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