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New Online LGBT+ Training & Workshops available now!

We are able to offer our full range of LGBT+ training and workshops online for your organisation or business at very competitive rates.

"Key training for anyone working with young people, their families and schools."

Our LGBT+ training and workshops have moved online during this period of lockdown due to the COVID-19 outbreak. View our Online Open Training here.

Many employers are recognising that now is an opportune time to offer training to their staff to give them increased knowledge and confidence in their work roles.  Allsorts Online Training & Education offers high-quality LGBT+ Awareness training and workshops.

"I thought the training was pitched at the right level for what I imagine is a range of knowledge, experience and understanding across the team. I doubt anyone went away without something on their list that they want to look at greater depth or something to come back to, either for professional development or as part of work with schools."

Our online LGBT+ training and workshops can be tailored to the needs of any organisation, school, college, business or individual that is looking to improve their LGBT+ awareness through a better understanding of LGBT+ issues, and wants to create a more inclusive and safer environment for LGBT+ people.

Allsorts Training & Education Service provides a range of options to develop and support increased knowledge and confidence around sexual orientations, gender identities and specifically LGBT+ issues.

For more information or to enquire about our new online service email us at or call 07865 545 785

"I thought it was great. I was so impressed by the way the team handled the technical challenges & managed presenting on Zoom."

Training offer

LGBT+ Awareness Training & Workshops

Online Open LGBT+ Training

  • High-quality online LGBT+ training aimed at those supporting, or likely to be supporting, LGBT+ young people.
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School Services

  • We offer tailored support for LGBT+ inclusion in schools & colleges across Sussex.
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LGBT+ Awareness, Consultancy & Advice

Rainbow Flag Award

The Allsorts Safer Spaces Award

  • TASSA supports young people’s services to amend, improve or implement inclusive practices that assure safer spaces for LGBT+ children and young people.
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Allsorts LGBTQ+ Allyship Award

Our approach

Allsorts Youth Project have been delivering support services to LGBTQ+ people for 20 years and delivering training LGBTQ+ Awareness training for nearly as long.  

Our current Training & Education Manager, who delivers the majority of our training, has been delivering this work at Allsorts for eight years and has over 20 years’ experience of working in support services with people in a wide variety of settings and is qualified therapist.

Allsorts Youth Project training is designed to stimulate thought provoking discussions through a range of activities.  While theories around sexual orientation and gender identity are presented, the primary aim of our training is to get delegates to reflect and discuss on ‘real world’ issues and challenges that LGBTQ+ people, their families, and LGBTQ+ work colleagues face and how best to support them with these.

Our approach is non-judgemental, as we believe it is important to allow people to be honest about the gaps in their knowledge, their unconscious biases and their concerns about supporting LGBTQ+ young people.  Allowing delegates the space to express their views on these matters in an open way can lead to important learning and increased confidence in their future work.

We always carry out a pre-training assessment, over the phone, with organisations to ensure the training session is designed to meet the specific needs of the organisation.  This includes establishing if there are any additional learning requirements for individual delegates or the organisation as a whole.  We use a training feedback form to assess the training, which has informed adjustments and improvements to our training over the years, and copies of these are provided to the host organisation.  

Delegates who attend our training sessions are invited to call Allsorts should they have any specific issues or questions relating to LGBTQ+ support and our team will provide advice whenever possible.  If a greater level of support is required we can provide, paid for, advice and consultancy or further training.  For example, we regularly support organisations to write their trans inclusion policies or review their current LGBTQ+ policies.
"Useful in reminding us of the  importance of clear thinking and planning for these children and young people who  are at high risk of mental health challenges."
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