Monthly group offering a safe space for young people aged 16-25 who are trans, non-binary or exploring their gender identity.

"Transformers has given me a space to be myself and work out how I identify with my gender. When I first started coming I felt uncomfortable with my presentation, but now I feel more confident and have made some friends too!"


Transformers is a monthly group meeting which offers a safe space for young people aged 16-25 who are trans, non-binary or exploring their gender identity. Young people are able to meet in a comfortable & confidential setting, access one to one support with youth support workers, access information and participate in workshops and activities.

As with all of our groups, staff and volunteers are LGBT+ and are trained to work with young people, however we always aim to have trans workers facilitating the Transformers group and there are always two Allsorts staff members with help and support from 2 volunteers.

We share announcements each week where we inform you about events, campaigns and opportunities from within Allsorts Youth Project and from the wider community too so you have the chance to hear what’s happening and what you can get involved in should you so wish.


Providing our young people with delicious, nutritious food is important to us.  We always have snacks and hot & cold drinks and we provide a buffet style arrangement of bagels, fillings, salad and fruit. Everything is vegetarian and we always have vegan options.

"I heard about Allsorts from a friend and started going to Transformers. It’s been really special to have a trans only space and get support from workers that are trans too. It’s helped me see that being trans doesn’t need to hold me back."


We hold various workshops which are generally related to significant annual events on the LGBT+ calendar, for example LGBT+ History month, Mental Health Awareness Week and Trans Day of Remembrance. At times we work with other projects in the city to deliver workshops.


We have a range of creative activities to get involved with at Transformers which include:

  • Badge making
  • Poster designs and decoupage where you design and create your own pieces of work.
  • Creating zines

As part of our activities schedule we also regularly consult with our young people in order to produce campaigns and resources made for and by the young trans community.  In the past these have included:


We have regular visits from:

  • LGBT+ drugs and alcohol workers
  • LGBT+ police liaison team
  • Sexual health advisors from Clinic T, to give you the opportunity to discuss issues in a one on one setting with professionals who can provide more specific support.

Interested in coming along?

You must have an introductory meeting before you can attend any of our groups or accessing our talk it out service.

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