One-to-One Support Service

One-to-One Support Service

Talk it Out is our individual emotional support service for any LGBT+ young person up to the age of 25, who needs support with their emotional wellbeing. If you would like one-to-one support, email us here.

What is the ‘Talk it Out’?

Everyone, at times, can find things a little challenging and difficult to manage. You may feel you would like some specific support from an experienced LGBT+ Youth Support Worker to speak about your emotional wellbeing. 

‘Talk it Out’ One-to-One Support Sessions provide a safe, supportive and
non-judgemental place for you to talk openly and freely.  This support is not counselling and our LGBT+ Youth Support Workers are not counsellors. If we felt that a counsellor would be better placed to give you support, we would discuss those options with you.

‘Talk it Out’ Sessions often focus on some of these areas:

  • talking about your feelings about your sexuality and/or gender identity
  • offering practical support and guidance when appropriate
  • improving emotional well being
  • increasing resilience – helping you to bounce back
  • building and encouraging healthy relationships
  • building self-esteem and self confidence
  • improving communication between parents/carers, family and friends
  • keeping yourself emotionally and physically safe

What will happen in the sessions?

The worker will talk to you about this in more detail in the first session.

During sessions you will explore your feelings and experiences in relation to your emotional wellbeing.

For some children and young people it can be difficult to sit and talk so we
will use different methods to support you in one-to-ones. These could include drawing, writing or using other techniques. Whatever works for you!

How many sessions can I have and how
long are they?

We can offer up to three sessions, usually weekly or fortnightly. Sessions will
last up to 45 minutes.  The worker will book in the three sessions with you when they first make contact. 

If you are new to Allsorts Youth Project, you will need to have an ‘Introduction & Registration’ Session with a worker first.  This is a separate meeting and is not one of the three ‘Talk it Out’ sessions.

Who will the sessions be with?

Sessions will be with the same worker each time.  If possible we will try to match you with a worker that you think will be best for you. 

For example, if you have a preference to see a worker of a particular identity there is an option to state this on the assessment form.

Is the ‘Talk it Out’ Service confidential?

The service is confidential.  Youth Supporter Workers in our team may discuss your case or be able to see any information about you, but no one outside of our team will have access to this information.

Information about you is only shared with people outside of Allsorts at your
request or with your permission. There may however, be occasions where we need to pass on information about you if the Youth Support Worker feels that you or someone else is at significant risk of harm.

How do I sign up? 

If you would like to have some support from the ‘Talk it Out’ Service you can contact us by clicking the boxes below or if you already attend Allsorts groups you can speak to a worker at one of the groups, or email us at


What happens next?

You will be requested to fill out an ‘Assessment Form’ with all of your details and what it is you are looking for support with.

This form will them be taken to our weekly Staff Team Meeting on a Tuesday and we will work out who is available to see you and roughly when. That person will then contact you, usually within a week, to arrange
your first appointment. 

Please understand there may be a gap between the worker contacting you and your sessions starting, depending on how busy the 'Talk it Out' service is at that time.

Can I request more ‘Talk it Out’ Sessions?

We can offer up to three sessions at any one time. You will need to wait a
minimum of 6 weeks before you can request more 'Talk it Out' sessions and you will need to do a new assessment form and possibly be added to a waiting list again.

What if I am in crisis and need help immediately?

'Talk it Out' and Allsorts Youth Project is not an emergency or crisis service but we have a page here on our website that may help if you are in crisis

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