BAME Inclusion

What is BAME Inclusion?

“BAME refers to people who are black, Asian, minority ethnic (including African, Caribbean, Middle Eastern, Latinx, indigenous, and mixed race).

Inclusion, in short, ‘refers to the state of being included’. BAME people face disproportionately/ much higher levels of LGBT+ discrimination / exclusion than white peers, and sadly often face racial discrimination / exclusion in the LGBT+ spaces that should be safe.”

Unboxing our Identities: A resource for young people who are LGBT+ and BAME/PoC*and/or Allies

Why do we need this resource? Historically, people who are BAME/PoC and lesbian, gay, bisexual and/or transgender (LGBT+) have often been erased from queer narratives, marginalised, and faced racism in LGBT and queer spaces, despite having often fought at the front of queer liberation movement. Subsequent to lifetimes of systematic oppression, those of us with LGBT+ and BAME/PoC identities can often feel conflicted between different aspects of ourselves. It’s easy to internalise the devaluation that has been placed upon us by society, and see ourselves as less than we truly are.


Get in touch with our BAME inclusion worker!

Open to all LGBT+ or unsure young people who self define as being from a minority ethnic group or background -  if you would like to get involved or know more please get in touch.


Our BAME inclusion work is currently funded by the LGBT+ Futures Grants Programme

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