Media Requests

Allsorts Youth Project aims to raise awareness, promote inclusion and facilitate safer and more supportive environments for LGBTU children and young people as well as challenging prejudice and discrimination in all areas of young people’s lives.

Whilst we are supportive of any media outlet who has the same aim & principles as we do in supporting young LGBTU people and their families, we are not normally prepared to act as intermediaries between the media and the young people or parents that attend any of our groups.

There are various child protection issues surrounding young LGBTU people who, as a result of their exposure in the media, may go on to experience discrimination & abuse.

We take our young people’s confidentiality and privacy very seriously and we therefore usually don’t agree to any media requests that involve our young people and/ or parents.

Having said that some of our young people and/ or parents may be willing to contribute towards media projects anonymously. However please note that we would never actively encourage any of our members to be involved in any media project, we would simply put it to our young people and/ or parents and discuss with them any risks or challenges.

We are always open to our management team or youth support workers being involved in media requests and talking about the work we do.

If after having read the above you feel that your media project fits our criteria then please get in touch and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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