Winter Party – By Joe Boy (Young Person)

January 11th, 2016 by
Allsorts’ 4th Winter Party once again went festively very well.

The room was decorated with white, blue and silver tinsel, foil decorations, snowflakes and icicles. We had lots of party food and drink like pizzas, chips, chocolate brownies, tortilla chips, grapes, and many more lovely foods and nibbles. We had a lot of young people taking part in the arts and crafts part of the party which involved making snowflakes, stockings, and frosty stars. Some of the young people were playing games like giant Jenga which was fun to watch the tower fall down over and over again. There was a compeition for the “Most Festive Dressed” and the winner was a young person who had her face painted like a reindeer and wore jingly antlers. She won a box of Roses Chocolates.

The party was a festive success and well worth all the hard work to get organised and do.

Everyone had a lot of fun and, to me, making them happy and having fun is what matters the most when I help to organise these parties.