Why Allsorts is needed – By Robyn Allsorts Young Person

March 10th, 2015 by

Why groups like Allsorts are needed.


Allsorts is a LGBTU support/social group in the East Sussex area (UK) that hosts regular groups. Drop in (LGBTU Group) each Tuesday, Transformers (Trans+ group every other Friday) and TAG (under 16s every other Friday), as well as activities for young people of colour, men, women, bi and pan young people, The Hub campaigning/young people’s voice group and Open Minds (mental health).

Allsorts also runs other one off events though-out the year.


The LGBTU Community often faces abuse, sometimes this can be on a daily basis and the first and most important thing Allsorts offers is a safe space. Many LGBTU youth retreat to the internet for a safe space, which increases anxiety. Retreating can have many negative side effects such as depression, but offering a safe space for likeminded people really does help young people to develop their confidence.


Many LGBTU youth are taught sex and gender education wrong in schools and as such this can leave people with a pretty poor understanding of homosexual sex and relationships. Allsorts offers plenty of very useful information. This allows people to learn sexual safety in a safe, supportive and caring environment instead of relying on the internet. Gender is also taught as very binary in the schooling system and of course this is far from true, I feel groups like Allsorts allow people to learn this by meeting trans and nonbinary people first hand.


Allsorts and groups like it also offer support, or paths to support, for LGBTU youth in need of it. They are able to offer fantastic 1-2-1 support for people involved in the group anytime during the week. They also have connections to other groups and services if they are needed which young people might not be aware of without these groups.


I find it honestly worrying that in the UK most areas have a local sports team, but not support groups like Allsorts, these need to become more common. I have friends elsewhere in the UK who have no idea where to go to make friends in a safe way, where to get support and more. Groups like Allsorts are so very important and honestly in the worse situations have the power to save lives.