What about Romeo and Andrew? (By Nicholas – Young Person)

April 11th, 2016 by


Since I was a young boy my favourite fairy tale was Cinderella. It’s the classic heteronormative tale. Damsel in distress needs a strapping young prince to save her. It’s a timeless story that can be traced back to China in the year 860 BC. I remember pretending to be the prince going in to save the distressed princess from her ‘unfulfilled’ life.  We would fall madly in love and for the rest of our lives live ‘Happily ever after’. It is the dream that everyone aspires to have, true love.

Everyone wants to be loved. There are countless love songs, stories, books, movies, paintings, poems, plays, the list goes on. All these mediums portray how much one individual can love another. But the issue with these stories is how it is mostly one man and one woman. Prince Charming is never going to go save Flynn Ryder. Because why would he? Flynn Ryder can take care of himself, he doesn’t need Prince Charming to come to his rescue. It’s just not natural. And who would want to hear a story of two princesses stuck in two different towers? Girls ‘obviously’ cannot save themselves, let alone anyone else. It’s just better if they end up with a nice prince… that’s what ‘Happily ever after’ is, right? One man, one woman. Goes together like peanut butter and jelly, spaghetti and meatballs, lady and the tramp, Beyoncé and Jay-Z.

This is why it was difficult getting into a homosexual relationship. I’ve only recently come out over a year and half ago, and the whole community is something I’m still getting to know. A year ago I could dabble in the LGBT community. I could be Dwayne Johnson with some people or I could be RuPaul herself. I felt more in control with who I could disclose my sexuality with. When I went on dates I was not sure of the ‘correct’ dating etiquette. I was not aware that after spending a night at someone’s house you were expected to leave as soon as you wake up. Or earlier if you are not a heavy sleeper. I decide to have a very awkward coffee and a very blunt chat (clearly making the right choices).

There is nothing in life that really prepared me for dating someone of the same sex. Recently there has been more tv coverage like Banana, cucumber and tofu. They do give LGBT representation in today’s media. But there are no fairy tales to base what my ‘happily ever after’ should be. However, I feel blessed as being in a gay relationship. There are no rules, etiquette or social expectations. We are free to define our relationship the way we want, trying what works for us.