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LGBTU Children, Young People and Families Day

Supporting trans children, young people and their families

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On LGBTU Children, Young People and Families Day  03/02/15 , Allsorts Youth Project is recognising and celebrating the work we do to support trans and gender questioning children and young people and their families.

Support for our trans children and young people has grown significantly in the past three years, mainly through an increase in 121 support but also a noticeable rise in group attendances.

Starting with Transformers, set up over three years ago, for the 16-25 age group which has doubled in numbers. We see more and more young people accessing group support which reduces their isolation, gives a sense of community and more importantly, encourages peer support through what can sometimes be a complex journey.

“Through going to Transformers, I have met several people whom I now consider to be close friends. The staff are always approachable and accommodating, and respect of names and pronouns is always a priority. Above all, I appreciate Transformers because when I was first coming to terms with my gender identity, the meetings offered me a place where I could present how I felt comfortable and I know my identity would be respected without question”
Young Person accessing Transformers

Sara’s Group, for parents of trans children and young people has been running for approximately 18 months. Facilitated by parents of trans children/young people, the space is a safe, supportive environment for parents to talk through any issues, concerns or queries they have about the journey their child is on. It has been vital to provide this space for parents to speak with others in a similar position. The group has been thriving with a marked increase in numbers over the past six months.

“As a parent, it has been great to link up with other parents and have time to talk about our lovely trans kids”
Parent who attends Sara’s Group

Trans Kids is another new addition to our group work and has been running for just four months. This group supports children of primary school age, which provides a safe inclusive space for them to meet other children like them, take part in fun activities and have an accessible space with no judgment. This group is growing and developing with each new session and it is a pleasure to watch the children blossoming in their identities.

“She jumps out of bed these Saturdays and can’t wait to come [to the group]… My child completely trusts them [the youth workers] and finds them cool!”
-Parent of 7 year old trans child

A Siblings Group is our next area of development in our work supporting trans children young people and their families. With siblings of trans children and young people asking for support we feel the need to respond. We are in the early planning stages of setting up this group.

On this Children, Young People’s and Families Day we want to acknowledge how proud we are of all the children, young people and families who have accessed Allsorts in various capacities. From the children who are just discovering their identities, to the young people mid transition, to the parents who are so dedicated to supporting their children and finally to the siblings who want to be there for their siblings.

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