Transformers Campaign!

April 7th, 2015 by

Transformers poster campaign!

For our campaign that was released in March we produced four posters to promote gender diversity

and awareness of issues which face young transgender people. We consulted young people at

Transformers and in a trans activity themed session at our Tuesday drop in, and asked them to come

up with ideas about what they thought the most pressing issues that they faced were. The posters

are designed to be shared online and to be printed and posted up in various organisations.

Working in small groups and as individuals, the young people sketched poster designs and

came up with slogans around facing harassment in toilet facilities, raising awareness of the suicide

rate among young trans people and to highlight the existence of non-binary gender identities.

Once we had rough designs, two young people used their computer skills to produce professional

quality posters at home. We then re assembled as groups to appraise and fine tune the designs.

Interestingly, some of this extra work came about quite organically in a session that was focused on

bi young people and allowed the trans young people to work with their cis contemporaries, and for some

young people who had not previously been involved in the project, to speak about how they also saw

their gender identities as fluid and non-binary. The results are four very well put together pieces of

work. They have bold colours, clean lines and a simple design which allows for concise and honest


Gender 1

Stonewall Re Poster4 (2)Make toilets a safe place 4 (1)



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