TAPA (Teen to Adult Personal Advisor) Worker

Anyone for TAPAs? (Teen to Adult Personal Advisor). This is a new service provided by the NHS for young people between the ages of 14 and 25 yrs. It’s purpose is to offer advice and support to those young people who are experiencing Mental/Emotional Health problems or related issues and who are not currently engaged with the mainstream services.

There is a specialist LGBT – TAPA worker who is based at the YPC, 69 Ship Street, Brighton and is a trained Mental Health Worker, who works closely with and alongside the Allsorts Youth Project workers. They are available to see any young person at the weekly Allsorts Drop-in, throughout the duration of the session or you may simply call in to the YPC at any other time and ask to arrange an appointment with them. They will also accept referrals from virtually any other agency or member of staff involved in working with a young person, such as a youth support worker, school nurse, GP or Counsellor.