There are various ways of helping Allsorts Youth Project with it’s work – for example by giving a donation, holding a fundraising event, leaving a legacy or setting up a covenant or banker’s order.  You can also volunteer your time.

Why donate to allsorts

67% of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans young people are bullied at school.
36% of LGBT youth who attend Allsorts Youth Project have attempted suicide.

  • £4.70 could pay for a return bus fare for an LGBT youth peer educator to travel to a local school, college or youth project to co-facilitate an LGBT workshop talking about tackling homo/bi/transphobic bullying.
  • £15 could pay for a nutritious meal for 12 young people at one of our groups.
  • £40 could pay for one of our groups to have an offsite trip in the local community.
  • £100 could pay for an isolated LGBTU young person to take part in a team-building residential trip to an outdoor activities centre.

Please donate and be part of our work.

Allsorts Youth Project supports LGBTU young people.

We provide a weekly drop-in, one-to-one crisis support, sexual health and HIV advice and screenings, young men’s group, trans youth group, TAG (for under 16s), A-sorted health and well being programme, extensive LGBTU youth volunteering opportunities including LGBTU youth peer-education, LGBTU youth events, consultation, participation and representation.

We train adults working with young people, have a great a website and produce loads of LGBTU youth booklets, posters, stickers and cards.

No matter how small, all your donations are hugely appreciated. Every little helps.