Human Being: Being Human

Human Being-Being Human Cover

In 2013, cmap started working with Brighton’s Allsorts Youth Project. The partnership culminated in the project, Human Being:Being Human, in which young Trans people adopted photography as a medium to creatively express themselves, their lives, worries and difficulties.

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Healthy Heads and Hearts


A mental health support and resource booklet for young people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or unsure. Written by the young people of Allsorts Youth Project. Published 2009.

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Clear Night Sky



Written by John Proctor, an ex service user of Allsorts Youth Project, who has been lobbying locally and nationally regarding LGB youth and social exclusion. This is a report into the need for Connexions national policy and target setting to meet the needs of young gay, lesbian and bisexual young people. Published 2004.

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LGB Youth Out of Focus: LGB Youth and Non-decision Making


Written by John Proctor, this is a follow up to Clear Night Sky. This paper uses research and interviews to investigate the strategies which lesbian, gay and bisexual youth as an outsider group in British politics can employ to overcome policy non-decision making in the area of social exclusion. Published 2005.

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Blue Deep Sea


An anthology of writings by lesbian, gay and bisexual young people from Allsorts Youth Project.  Published 2001.

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