Advice for Professionals

Whether you are a youth worker, teacher or other professional that is likely to work with young LGBTU people, clear guidance and resources can help make your place of work more inclusive for those who are LGBT or are unsure.
Whilst youth workers and teachers may work in different frameworks and structures, there is a lot of guidance which can be easily implemented to make spaces more affirming and inclusive for LGBTU youth. Young LGBTU people often look to adults to be both professional and respectful but also role-models, champions of diversity and inclusion that value everyone for their own identities.

If you are looking for tailor-made training for your staff at a statutory, business, voluntary or community organisation, Allsorts offers comprehensive and engaging training.

  • Homophobia, transphobia and biphobia awareness
  • Creating safe and supported spaces for LGBT people
  • Monitoring LGBT users

We run specific training for:

  • Statutory, voluntary and community organisations
  • Primary and Secondary School Staff
  • Primary and Secondary School Pupils
  • Colleges and Youth Projects

Stonewall have produced a guide for youth workers and teachers which has a very clear, easy to follow framework that can be adapted to your organisation concerning LGB young people.

There are also a specific number of resources specifically to help professionals make spaces more inclusive for trans or gender questioning young people.
Our newly produced Trans Inclusion Toolkit for your schools/colleges/organisations is available for download in the Resources section.

Other resources include:

Gendered Intelligence Issues of Bullying around Trans & Gender Variant Students in Schools, Colleges and Universities
Intercom Trust Cornwall Schools Transgender Guidance
National Union of Students Guide to becoming Trans-inclusive for student officers and activists
Stonewall Scotland & Scottish Transgender Alliance How to include transgender people in your workplace