Trans Glossary

Assigned sex – The gender you were given when you were born

Cisgender – A match between your assigned sex and gender identity. A person who is not transgender.

Coming out A process by which a trans person will tell friends/family/co-workers etc about their trans status

Cross Dresser / Transvestite – An individual of either sex that likes to wear the clothes of the opposite sex, but are otherwise happy with their gender identity.

Deed Poll/Statutory Declaration – The means by which a person can legally change their name

FTM/trans man/a transsexual man – Someone assigned female at birth but has transitioned or intends to transition to male and live full-time as such.

Gender Identity – How a person feels in regards to male/female/neither/both. A cognitive process of recognising one’s identity

Gender dysphoria – A recognised medical term which refers to the physical/ mental/social discomfort of being perceived and living as one’s assigned gender

GIC – Gender Identity Clinic

Intersex/Intergender – An individual born with any of several variations in gender characteristics including chromosomes, sex hormones, or genitals, that are determined as neither exclusively male nor female, or which combine features of the male and female sexes.

MTF/trans woman/a transsexual woman – Someone assigned as male at birth who has transitioned or intends to transition to female and live full time as such

Non binary – To not identify within the binary male or female ideologies in Western society.

Oestrogen – Female hormone for trans women

Passing – Being seen or read as the gender you present yourself as e.g. a male identifying person being read as male.

Pronouns – He, him, his, she, her, they, them, their, hir, sie, ey, zie (gender neutral)

Post/pre op – Referring to the surgery status of the individual.

Sex – Assigned at birth in relation to ones genitals, chromosomes etc.

Sexual Orientation – Attraction to people i.e. gay, straight, bisexual, pansexual etc

Stealth – Living in one’s acquired gender without anyone knowing about one’s trans status

Testosterone – Male hormone for trans men

To gender – To assign someone else a gender by noticing behaviour and body presentation

Top surgery – Known term that trans men use when referring to chest surgery which produces a male contoured chest via double incision surgery or peri areola.

Transition – The act of changing from one gender to the other. What constitutes as transitioning may be different for many trans people e.g. medical transition, social transition, etc.

Trans – An umbrella term used to describe an individual or group of people whose gender identity is in-congruent with what gender they were assigned at birth.

Transphobia – The discrimination of others based upon their gender identity. A person does not have to be trans to suffer from transphobia.


Other words to think about

  • Gender Fluid
  • Gender Neutral
  • Gender Queer

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