Need to Go – By Robyn – Young Person at Allsorts

March 2nd, 2015 by

Need to go

The following is a fictional story set around a common experience shared, sadly, by most trans

women. Due to the story being short I will set the scene here. The story is being told by a trans girl

by the name of Jessica, having accepted an invite from her new work colleagues she finds herself

sat at a table in traditional English pub. The story will take the form of her thoughts though the


Okay, this is kinda fun, I’m glad they invited me out, I guess it means they like me. I wonder if they

know I’m trans, they must do. My voice still needs work and without Hormones it must give me

away, oh stop worrying Jess, finish your drink.


Oh crap, I need the toilet, it’s not too bad if I leave about 9 I should be able to get home in time.


God, I think I will need to go soon. Do I go home now? I could make up an excuse, but would they

think I’m rude? Would they take offence at that? I don’t want to make things awkward at work.


Okay, so this is going to happen, I can’t leave and I need to go to the bathroom. Let’s prepare, lets

make a plan. First of all, what could go wrong here?

I need to ask my work friends where the bathroom is, do I ask for just the bathroom or should I say

the women’s? They could send me to the men’s or say something to me about it. If they do then just

assert myself.

“I’m a woman and have a right to use the bathroom just as you do!” I will say.

That’s it, not rude but strong and powerful. After that I could be stopped by someone who sees me

heading towards the ladies, oh god, just explain and remember the bar staff are there. Someone

could point out as I walk in that it’s the ladies, just point out I am a lady, got it. I could be cornered

by a woman in the bathroom, they could question me, ask me about my parts. Jess, stay calm, just

be strong but not rude, tell them it’s none of their business and leave. I could have a curious girl ask

me questions, okay so I won’t stop, no mirror, just bathroom, wash hands fast and leave.

I think that’s everything, I hope this goes okay, lets go.