LGBTU CYPF DAY = ‪#‎translivesmatter‬ – A parents story

February 4th, 2015 by


2014 Sarahs Group Postcard Side 1


At the end of January 2014, we discovered our (then 13 year old daughter) was self-harming with suicidal thoughts, feeling trapped in his female body and was crying for help to become a boy. For the first few days we went into a state of shock not knowing where to get help. Our local G.P was also stunned and had no idea which way or where we should go.

A few days later over coffee, a close friend told us he had heard of a place in Brighton which helps children expressing LGBT queries. We looked it up on the net and discovered it was called Allsorts. I rang up and got us an appointment the next day.

We found out that it was a group called “TAG” where our child could go to once a fortnight to be with other people their own age and help discover which journey to take and help her feel she was not alone. Also, for my husband and I there was a parents group (with other parents with trans children) which meet up monthly to help us get our head around the shock journey ahead.
When we got out I gave a BIG SIGH of relief and Claire* (now Mike*) smiled with a smile that if I had a camera I would have framed it and said “this is why we are supporting our child.”
Four months later, Claire came out of her TAG meeting (with yet another smile) and announced she would like to be called Mike and change her pronouns to be he, him, and his etc, and told me how happy he was. He also told me if it wasn’t for the people at Allsorts, the staff, friends and support network, he would have taken his life months ago.

At the end of July, Mike came out to his school peers in a tutor assembly, with the help of Allsorts, the headmaster and myself.

We CANNOT THANK Allsorts enough for the care, love and support. We would still be in a dark cloud screaming for help. They are all truly amazing, wonderful people.


*names have been changed