‘I’m Just Me’ Art and Multimedia project at Allsorts

October 1st, 2012 by

Allsorts Youth Project is pleased to announce that they will be working with the Charlotte Miller Art Project (CMAP) on an exciting new art and multi-media project. CMAP received funding from the British Council to work with young people at Allsorts on a project called ‘I’m Just Me’.

The project will involve a group of LGBTU young people designing and delivering their own photography based sessions on identity and self to other youth groups in schools and youth clubs in Brighton and London. Their aim is to stimulate debate on the importance of ‘being yourself’ and to also break down the preconceptions and prejudices other young people hold about LGBTU people. All of the work produced by the young people will be exhibited to the public in a show in Brighton at the end of the project.

Allsorts Project Manager said that “Allsorts is really excited to work with CMAP on such an innovative and creative project. It’s a great opportunity for LGBTU young people to develop their artistic skills and explore issues around identity and belonging in a safe and creative way. The touring sessions will also help to promote diversity and respect for minority groups including LGBT people.”