How to support trans people – By Robyn (Allsorts Young Person)

February 12th, 2015 by

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How to Support Trans* People


Brighton is home to many members of the LGBT community and this of course includes trans people; trans women, trans men, non-binary and intersex. This city amazing for the support and understanding it offers and as trans rights are brought more and more to the forefront we are making great progress. This article offers friendly help and advice for how to support many of the trans people who live around you in Brighton.


Obvious stuff


  • Respect names and pronouns

Now you will make mistakes, you will, by mistake, call people their old names or pronouns if you spent years doing this. When you make mistakes, just stop, correct yourself, say sorry and don’t make it a big thing.


  • Don’t push people

Things that seem simple to you are not easy for trans people, early in transition or even later in transition. Things like using a public restroom, changing rooms, shopping in shops instead of online, looking at make up and so on. They need to come to the point of feeling safe around this stuff on their own, don’t push them.


Other Stuff


  • Read books:

Beyond Magenta: Trans Teens Speak Out
Gender and Sexuality for Beginners
Redefining Realness: My path to womanhood by Janet Mock


When your child, friend or family member tells you they are trans they are most likely at the start of their journey, trying to understand their gender and their identity, it’s not their job to explain or teach you about gender, educate yourself to help them.


  • Give people space

Remember that gender dysphoria is real and may, get worst at the start of transitioning, between the start of presenting as their preferred gender and HRT (Hormone Replacement Treatment). They may feel like they should look, sound, feel, and be more like their preferred and without HRT and/or SRS they are an impostor. So when people feel like this no amount of words or nice speeches will make them want to face the world. So give them an hour, a day, a week to get over this.


  • Be careful with compliments

Some trans people don’t like being reminded they are trans or find certain compliments, which are meant in the best ways, not complimentary. Talk to people, if they tell you they don’t like a compliment then listen. Never say stuff like, you look like a REAL girl/boy. They are a REAL girl/boy and by saying they look real you are really saying they are not real. This is never a compliment, it’s an insult.


These are just a few things that I hope you are able to take away and help the people around you, making our great city just a little greater. Last year marked the first Trans Pride March and second Trans Pride, it’s nice to be able to look forward at a brighter future for trans people.


Thank you very much for reading.