HAVE YOUR SAY..Consultation on Same-Sex Civil Marriage

April 1st, 2012 by

Equal Marriage: a Step Closer

A consultation on how to lift the ban on same-sex couples marrying in a civil ceremony was launched by the government two weeks ago.

Current legislation allows same-sex couples to enter into a civil partnership, but not civil marriage.  The consultation will look at how to remove this barrier and bring about equal civil marriage, not religious marriage.

The key proposals are as follows:

  •     to open civil marriage ceremonies to same-sex couples;
  •     to make no changes to religious marriages – these will continue to remain only legally recognised if between a man and a woman;
  •     to retain civil partnerships for same-sex couples and allow couples already in a civil partnership to convert it into a marriage; and
  •     to allow people to stay married and legally change their gender.

Following the conclusion of the consultation, the government plans to introduce any required legal changes by the end of this Parliament.

The Consortium will be running a series of consultation events across England in partnership with the Government Equalities Office.  For more details visit the campaigns section of their website, or you can book by clicking here. The dates of local consultations are London 2nd April and Brighton 4th April, both 4pm-6pm.  Allsorts will be going to the one in Brighton to have our say!

Paul Roberts, Consortium’s Chief Executive, commented: “This is an exciting step forward in our quest for true equality and we welcome the Government’s strong positive position on same-sex civil marriage.  We cannot stress enough the importance of LGBT people up and down the country responding to the consultation. We look forward to working with our members during the consultation to ensure the widest range of responses are submitted.”