Open Minds – Health and Wellbeing Activities


Open Minds is a mental health and wellbeing group that takes place during Drop-in once a month, with the aim of promoting positive mental health in LGBTU young people. Led by a staff and volunteer team, Open Minds offers a range of different health and wellbeing activities including workshops, discussion, creative activities and games, but if you don’t want to get involved with any activities, you can just come along and relax!

We also organise activities that take place outside of the Drop-in, for example, walks to promote positive mental health, yoga, Mindfulness workshops and more!


To get involved register your interest at




In a previous programme, LGBTU young people created a series of poems and hand-paintings. Here are some of their poems.

Who am I?

I love just like you,

I hurt just like you,

I dream just like you,

I hope just like you,

I wish just like you,

I make mistakes just like you,

I am like you in so many ways

but yet I’m unlike you,

I am my own person,

I am not your clone,

I am me

I am unique!

By Scott


As the sunset begins,

the burning sea drowns.

The waves finish blooming

and the mood becomes still.

By Dean