Global Voices against Homo/Bi/Transphobic Bullying in Schools

May 11th, 2012 by

At this weeks Drop-In a few young people did a blog writing workshop.  In the workshop we focused on IDAHOBIT, namely Homo/Bi/Transphobic bullying in schools.  With this in mind they wrote about their experiences of school, what they’d like to change and what their dream school would be like..

‘My dream school would have a variety of interesting courses.  These courses would be taught in an interesting way that allows the students to fully realise their potential – creatively or otherwise.  The students would be understanding and patient with teachers and vice versa.  Open-mindedness would be common.  There would be different workshops and groups, like LGBT art or sport groups’

Written by Lovis


‘I believe students at college who didn’t want to be there shouldn’t have been there as it ruined school for others as they were disruptive.  I believe that socially it didn’t prepare me for the real world, and back then being “social” was all that mattered.  It prepared me for some kind of institutionalised ‘poorly policed’ society then anything I’d known in the real world.

I believe it was a breeding place for fear, a society within a soeciety, a society where the timid and weak are victimised, and the “powers” could never truly stop it.  My wish is that schools could be a safe space in the future’

Written by Ben


I would like schools to have a greater awareness of LGBT issues, an effective anti-bullying policy as well as coverage of LGBT relationships in PSHE lessons.  More non gendered aspects such as uniform policy, PE lessons/teams and register entries would also be great.  Additionally, it would be great to have mixed ability groups so that everyone with different abilities could mix and noone would be segregated’

Written by Calum


‘I wish the teachers would take a stand against homophobic bullying.  At my school only one person came out and was bullied horrendously.  Anyone with a boyfriend would have been crucified.  I also wish that there was a specific person at school to help with LGBT issues as there was no support at all.  Myself and others were left to figure out things by ourselves.

On a lighter note, the PE teachers at my school are starting to change.  While I was forced to play rugby (boys only) rather then hockey (girls only) which I would have preferred;  I was also allowed to join the girls for gymnastics and trampolining.  I think they should make this standard in schools and make the PE sports gender neutral’

Written by James


‘I don’t remember much about school because it was a while ago.  Now I’m at City College I don’t think they do anything to stop homophobic bullying.

I tell everyone I don’t know what my sexuality is but I think I do know, I just don’t want to tell them.  My mum and dad know me well because they brought me up – so for me to tell them I’m gay would shock them.  Therefore, I will try and keep it in as long as possible.  I don’t think its a good idea to tell them.’

Written by Chad


‘I wish there was more support for the bullied, namely a councillor who people could talk to.  I also wish it was more acceptable to come out at school’

Written by Stewart


‘At school there was some element of teachers stopping pupils calling others gay, however there was no mention of gay relationships in lessons like English, for example.  Sex ed was 100% straight dominated.

There was noone who was open about their sexuality, or anyone to talk to about their sexuality or gender identity.  It would have been good to have advice and support, especially to discuss your options of how you could come out, who to and when.  There were also no gender neutral facilities, which I’d like to see in the future’

Written by Samantha