Allsorts at Brighton Pride 2014

August 3rd, 2014 by

On Saturday 2nd August 2014 Allsorts continued its 15 year tradition of taking part in the Pride March and this year held a stall in the park.

The theme of the march was the “The World is a Disco” with a campaigning theme of “Freedom To Live”, so our YPV group chose the theme of “Zombie disco” and came up with a variety of chants.Photo 02-08-2014 11 32 57

Our marching group had our Allsorts, TAG and Transformers banners flying high alongside large disco balls, all of which our young people made. One young person commented that “it was the best experience ever being able to be myself in public with everyone supporting you, the march was really fun”. The huge turnout and support from spectators helped our young people, staff and volunteers stay chanting and marching for the 2-3 hours.

Another one of the young people who marched said “I loved the march, it was a honor to be there representing allsorts, it was so great to see so many rainbow flags and loads of support. It was great to march with allsorts because of the great slogans we were chanting, which made it feel a bit more like a protest than a big show like some of the other floats. I think the march was the best part of pride and will be attending the next one for sure.”

As well as being part of the march we also held a stall at the Park this year which was very well attended. At our stall we handed out leaflets about our services, our Zine and gave out resources like our Top Tip for Working with Trans Youth. The stall was donated by the rainbow fund which enabled us to have a LGBT youth presence on the park.

You can view the gallery of Allsorts on the Pride march here: