Allsorts young people wows the crowds with theatre production 'Speechless'

October 18th, 2010 by

The young people of Allsorts Youth Project wowed the crowd at the Pavilion theatre last month with their performance ‘Speechless’ in collaboration with the Brighton Dome.

The performance included songs and drama, which told the story of the breakdown in communication loosely centred on the apocalypse. It told the stories of various characters about what their lives used to be like before people stopped talking to one another. The script was written by the young people themselves over the summer period followed by an intense weekend of rehearsals and performance on Sunday 12th September.

Harry Blake, musician, and Gabby Vautier, producer and director, supported the young people in putting together the performance. Harry says: ‘We wanted to make a piece that celebrated young people and their creativity – we had loads of ideas for starting points but, of course, as soon as we met the group, we realised we needed to start again from scratch!

‘The performers were constantly surprising us with new ideas and had an amazing ability to think outside of the box. We wanted to confound people’s expectations, and I think we definitely succeeded on that front. I don’t think anyone in the audience expected such a vibrant, weird and wonderful piece of theatre.’

The performance was funded by the Brighton Dome as part of their Brighton Dome Learning Access and Participation Department Iniative. Pippa Smith of the dome says: ‘This year, in response to the priorities outlines in our Corporate Strategy we identified two groups with whom we would work

‘Firstly we worked with Music for Life from Wigmore Hall on an eight week Dementia project at a local nursing home; our second target was young LGBTU people and Allsorts was the obvious project to work with. Harry and his team came to you at our request We gave them £5000 to deliver a music/drama project which I think they brilliantly  succeeded in doing – we also paid for the Pavilion Theatre, Staff, Technical support etc.’

Leo Lott, Allsorts young person who performed says: ‘Allsorts can do allsorts in allsorts of ways, and the theatre show reflected upon this. If we can make a show in a weekend, we can do anything!!!

‘From zombiefied rabbits to forbidden lovers and unknown neighbours, just makes you wonder what the next show would include!’