Allsorts New Intern – Reuben!

February 4th, 2015 by


A few weeks ago, I began my internship at Allsorts HQ!

I’ve been a youth vice-president and trustee since November 2013 and have been involved with peer education for around 2 years. I especially enjoy any front line work, engaging with young people at Tag (our Under-16s LGBT group), and during workshops regarding LGBT issues in schools in East Sussex. My main duties around the offices include preparing information packs for young people entering our services, liaising with other organizations around resources and visiting sessions, and any general admin work that needs doing. It’s really exciting to see how Allsorts is run behind the scenes and contribute to an ever evolving and developing charity.

In the future, I hope that I could be a fully-fledged Trans* worker at Allsorts, or work with young people with issues surrounding homelessness.

I am very grateful and proud that I have the opportunity to volunteer for Allsorts and truly am passionate about the services we provide. Allsorts has been instrumental in my positive outlook on life and was great support when I was coming to terms with my gender identity (and every day since).

Here’s to an exciting 2015!