Allsorts to host ‘LGBT Children, Young People and Families Day’ for second year running as part of LGBT History Month

January 7th, 2014 by

Taking place on February 4th 2014 for the second year running – ‘LGBT Children, Young People and Families Day’ is organised by Young People’s Voice – a campaigns action group based at Allsorts Youth Project in Brighton.

As part of LGBT History Month, Allsorts is inviting individuals, communities and groups from across the nation to get involved. They plan to make the day into an annual event that happens every year on the first Tuesday of February. 

Last year, to mark this special day, Allsorts ran a hugely successful LGBT Tea Party, LGBT Youth Champions Dinner and LGBT Youth Prom. This year Allsorts are holding a conference in Brighton ‘Exploring Intersectionality’ to educate and celebrate our complex and diverse identities and the connections between them.

Jess Wood MBE, Co-Founder and Director, of Allsorts is encourages the LGBT community to get involved where they are.  She said: “We warmly invite you to share with us in promoting this idea of a dedicated LGBT Children, Young People and Families Day on the first Tuesday if every LGBT History Month in your own context and in your own way! You could show a film about trans young people in a school; put on an event about diverse families; enable a faith group to hold a Q&A session with some LGBT young people; design some fun and engaging stickers to distribute across your networks, use social media to generate interest throughout the Day!

Sue Sanders. Founder, of LGBT History Month expresses her support for the event. She said: “At last year’s event, I received an award from Allsorts as an LGBT Champion and I delivered keynote speeches at both the tea party and the dinner. I was deeply touched by the admiration and respect shown to me by the new generation of LGBT young people. As the founder of LGBT History Month, I love to see people doing their own thing and coming up with inspiring ideas about how to celebrate our communities during the month. My work with Schools Out tells me how important it is for children and young people to have their own voice. I think Children, Young People and Families Day is a great way of doing this. Let’s hope the Day will catch on beyond Brighton and Hove and become as establishing part of LGBT History Month across the UK.”

Join us on Feb 4th 2014, as part of LGBT History Month, to have a happy and fun LGBT Children, Young People and Families Day! Show your support for the Day by ‘liking’ and sharing the official facebook page and join the global event 

If you would like to attend, please follow the link: or email for more details.