Allsorts director nominated by Caroline Lucas MP for Powerful Women campaign

August 31st, 2011 by

Caroline Lucas, MP for Brighton Pavilion has nominated Jess Woods the founder and Director of Allsorts Youth Project in Brighton to be included in a new campaign by ‘One World Action’ called One Hundred Women: The Unseen Powerful Women Who Change the World.

Central to ‘One World Action’s’ objectives is to build women’s leadership internationally – working with partners in developing countries to empower women so that their voices are heard, their rights are enhanced and observed, and their choices respected.

They work with some of the poorest women around the world, women who might not be in conventional positions of power but who use their resources creatively to challenge, question and change their lives and the lives of those around them.

‘One World Action’ wants to highlight these innovative modes of leadership and the powerful women who are the driving force behind them.

In her letter of nomination Caroline said: “I’d like to nominate Jess Wood from Allsorts as a woman who is changing the world.

“Allsorts works with young people under 26 who are unsure about their sexual orientation and /or gender identity. It helps empower and give young people a voice.

“Jess founded Allsorts and is currently its Director. She first introduced me to the work they do in Brighton & Hove, which includes one-to-one advice, team building and, above all, creating spaces for young people to be themselves and explore their feelings. Jess started the project because of a lack of any services meeting the needs of LGBT youth in the city. She drives Allsorts forward and makes a real difference to the lives of those involved – many of whom are vulnerable, alienated or marginalised. Jess and the work she does makes it a little easier for all young people to come to a clearer and more positive understanding of their sexuality, not just here in Brighton – which has one of the most vibrant LGBT communities in the world – but in every country across the globe.

“Jess is an example of the many powerful women who, unseen, are building a better world and I applaud her and those like her.”