Allsorts celebrates success of LGBT Children, Young People and Families Day 2014

February 19th, 2014 by

Allsorts is celebrating the success of the second LGBT Children, Young People and Families Day held on Tuesday 4th February 2014, as part OF LGBT History Month. For the big day Allsorts ran a half day conference titled ‘Exploring Intersectionality’ attended by practitioners and community members.

The aim of the event aim was to educate and celebrate complex and diverse identities and help delegates build bridges connections between them. The conference included a variety of workshops focused on supporting trans and gender variant young people and children; creating LGBTU friendly safe spaces in your organisation; intersectionality including BME, faith, neighbourhoods and disabilities; and developing social and digital media for small organisation. This followed by a panel discussion focused on intersectionality with a diverse representation of panellists discussing the issues raised in the workshops.

The conference was followed by a fun tea-party aptly titled ‘T-Party’ with Bandbazi leading activities for young people and senior colleagues and politicians delivering speeches to the practitioners. Speakers included Penny Thompson CBE, CEO of BHCC; Pinaki Goshal, Director of BHCC Children’s Services; councillors Bill Randall and Sue Shanks and MP, Caroline Lucas.

Overall, 93 attended the conference, 30 young people from Allsorts and other youth groups and 151 people in total attending both the conference and tea-party event.

Jess Wood MBE, co-Founder and Director, commented: “We were thrilled with the uptake of places at the event. We put it on for a half-day with an optional a T-Party as we thought participants would not be able to spare a whole day from their jobs. From the feedback, we were pleased that our delegates wanted more of the same as this means they thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from what they got.

Lucas Abedecain, co-President of Allsorts and conference organiser, added: “After a years of work and tireless dedication from the team, we are delighted the event was successful and that people now have across the city the skills and knowledge to think about Intersectionality starting to make a more inclusive Brighton & Hove. The fact that the first Tuesday of LGBT History Month is Children Young People and Families Day is a great honour and over the coming year we are dedicated to keep this day going from strength to strength.”

The day is becoming nationally recognised with other organisations across the country and putting on spin off events On 21st-22nd February The Lesbian and Gay Foundation (LGF) in Manchester are holding events in honour of the day and we hope that over the next year more organisations will start to see the importance of recognizing LGBT children, young people and families.

For LBGT Children, Young People and Families Day Allsorts launched two publications: ‘Allsorts Simple Guide to Digital and Social Media’ and ‘BHCC and Allsorts Trans Inclusion Toolkit.’ Both the publications are available to download on the Allsorts website via the link here:

Photos from the conference and tea party can be viewed here:

Wed like to thank Pebble Trust, Moshimo and the Friends Meeting House for their kind support.