Allsorts Youth Project announces ‘LGBT Children, Young People and Families Day’

October 10th, 2012 by

Young People’s Voice – LGBT youth campaigns action group at Allsorts Youth Project have announced that they will be organising and putting on the first ever ‘LGBT Children, Young People and Families Day’ on 5th February 2013.

 ‘LGBT Children Young People’s and Families Day’ will be the first major event of its kind to celebrate LGBT youth identity and community. ‘Togetherness’ will be the theme of the day, uniting LGBT children, young people and their families.

There will be a tea-time Tea Party in the Ballroom of Hotel Du Vin for community voluntary sector, statutory practitioners and commissioners which will showcase the project.

This will be followed by two events: a prom for the young people (staff and volunteers in support) and a Champions/Ambassadors Dinner primarily for business people but also head teachers, councillors and others to promote the project and encourage people to commit to making the changes they can in their environments to improve the experience of LGBT young people.

The focus of the day will be to promote positive images of LGBT young people as part of a two years digital and social media campaign we have been running.

We have been lucky enough to receive a £1000 grant from Mental Health Promotion and also considerable sponsorship from Moshi Moshi and Hotel du Vin.

Stephen Murtagh, Young People’s Voice Campaigns Action Group Representative, said: “Families are important for everyone, and at Allsorts we wanted to have a spectacular day to celebrate the importance of LGBT children, young people and families. By raising awareness of so many positive LGBT young people and families in Brighton and around the country we hope to inspire positive change and representation.

 Lucas Abedecain, Young People’s Voice Campaigns Action Group Representative, added: “Having such a supportive family, the value of being comfortable in your gender identity or sexual orientation is such a positive step. For CYPF day, I hope others will be motivated to see how supporting relationships and families can make everyone’s lives better and celebrate their own families.”

Keep an eye out for updates about the day on our social networks. You can join the new ‘like’ page for LGBT Children, Young People and Families Day:

Are you interested in getting involved at Young People’s Voice? We are looking for young volunteers who identify at LGBTU, aged 16-25, living in the Brighton, Hove and Sussex. For more information click here or email