Why look after your sexual health?

When we are ill we go to a doctor. If we have a toothache we book up a dentists appointment. Its the same with sex. Every now and then its good to have a sexual health check up as there are infections that can be passed between partners during sexual activity. We can also take precautions to minimise the risks of catching these sexual health infections.

Everybody, gay, straight, bi, trans or unsure has a right to have a healthy and enjoyable sex life.

If you are sexually active (or thinking about having sex) there are some really important things you need to know that will help you to have fun whilst keeping yourself as safe as you can from STI’s. One good way of keeping on top of your sexual health is to make regular visits to a sexual health service (yearly, or if you are having sex with lots of partners, twice yearly).

Get tested

If you are worried you may have an STI, speak to your GP or visit a Sexual Health Clinic. Getting tested regularly is a good idea to ensure you have a healthy sex life. Testing is important so both you and your partner(s) can enjoy a healthy sex life without worrying constantly about your sexual health.

It is commonly believed that 1 in 4 gay and bisexual men have never had an STI test and 1 in 10 have never had a HIV Test. It is also commonly believed that lesbian and bisexual women cannot contract STI’s, yet this is a myth and it is important to get tested regardless of who you are having sex with.