Trans people’s sexual health

Trans Sexual Health

Cover of trans health booklet

Useful information for Trans Young People

Take a look at Gendered Intelligence’s website by clicking here.

NHS ‘A Guide for Young Trans people in the UK

Gendered Intelligence ‘Issues of Bullying around Trans and Gender Variant Students in Schools, Colleges and Universities’ (

Gendered Intelligence & ‘Free to be Me: Taking action against transphobia’ (

NHS Sheffield Sexual Health ‘Living my life: information for people who currently identify as trans or who are beginning to explore their gender identity’ (

LGBT Youth Scotland ‘A coming out guide for trans young people’ (

Gendered Intelligence & LGBT Consortium ‘A guide for parents and family members of trans people in the UK’ (

GIRES: A guide to lower surgery for trans women (

GIRES: A guide for lower surgery for trans men (

GIREs: A guide to hormone therapy for trans people (

Greater London Domestic Violence Project ‘domestic violence: a resource for trans people’ (

National Union of Students: a guide to becoming trans-inclusive for student officers and activists (