Meet the Trustees

Olu Jenzen

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I have collaborated with staff, volunteers and young people at Allsorts running various media research projects for a number of years, which has been a fantastic experience. As a trustee I get the opportunity  to contribute to the work of the organisation beyond the ‘researcher’  role. I have a background in LGBTQ activism and a broad interest in LGBTQ youth culture, politics and community work.

Iain Gowers

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I have over 25 years experience of LGBTU volunteering work, having previously been a member, employee and a Trustee of several different charities and my areas of interest in particular are, IT, marketing, promotion, donations. website management and development.  I have volunteered for Allsorts since 2001, being a drop in volunteer for 10 years and then a trustee.

Helen Charles


Allsorts Youth Project supports a better, healthier, happier community of QLGBTU children and young people. Jess welcomed me as a trustee after I had volunteered on and off since Allsorts was a “baby”. I attend the Drop-in to help out or co-ordinate discussions/workshops: e.g. around BME (Black & Minority Ethnic) or BAME (Black & Asian Minority Ethnic) or YPOC (Young People of Colour). I offer commitment and skills in a range of ways including: reflective supervision, making sure our policies and procedures are up-to-date, supporting young people at Pride, helping to formulate strategic reviews, attending regular management committee meetings and occasionally, As the Lead in Youth Work, I believe enjoying yourself whilst developing your own identity in a safe space is absolutely crucial – this is why I am a Trustee for Allsorts because this charity does just that. It generates warmth and safety and is as much needed today as it was a generation ago.

Marianne Lemond

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I’ve been involved in the work of Allsorts Youth Project for over a decade now – first as a Community Volunteer, then as a paid worker (Volunteering Development Worker, and then Project Manager) and now as a trustee. Allsorts is an amazing organisation that provides a vital service for LGBTU young people, and I’m proud to be a part of it. As Deputy Chair and Strategic Lead, I’m responsible for helping to develop the strategic vision of the organisation. I’m able to bring my experience of both volunteering and working for Allsorts to the role, along with the experience of my current position as an Equality and Diversity Advisor at the University of Brighton.

Debbie Murray


I am a fairly new trustee to Allsorts,  I have found Allsorts to be an amazingly supportive organisation to young people of the LGBTU community and after seeing how much they did for my son over the years, I wanted to offer my support by becoming a trustee. I also help facilitate the Parents Group that has been growing in numbers over the last few months, I find this to be a very nurturing and supportive environment and am glad to be a part of it.