Meet the Community Volunteers

Katie (Lead Volunteer)

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I’ve been volunteering at Allsorts for 2 and a half years and absolutely love it – I feel privileged to be a part of such a fantastic team providing vital support to young LGBTQ people.  I particularly enjoy hanging out at drop in, forging relationships, getting involved in campaigns and above all, I get a real kick out of seeing how young people grow and develop in a safe space and become more confident.

Freya (Lead Volunteer)


I’ve been volunteering at Allsorts for nearly 3 years, and I can honestly say it’s one of the best things I’ve done, in terms of both being involved in the LGBTU community and also on a more personal level.

It’s an amazing thing to do, and I particularly love having the opportunity to volunteer with the many groups Allsorts runs, including Transformers, and the under 11’s group, Trans Kids.  Seeing young people flourish in a safe and supportive environment is both a joy to see, and hugely rewarding as well!



I’m Chris and I have been with Allsorts a few years. The problems young people face are much the same I faced in the 80’s. Volunteering can be very rewarding if anyone reading this is thinking about giving it a go. 


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I’m Dirk. I’ve been volunteering at Allsorts for over a year. I enjoy working creatively with the young people and I value the safety of the space which allows for people to explore their identity.


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I am currently training to be a secondary drama teacher so love performance and working with young people. I’m also extremely passionate about LGBTU rights and equality and believe that Allsorts is a fantastic charity that not only promotes acceptance, but seeks to empower young LGBTU people.