A Journey without a Map: Being a parent of a trans child

March 27th, 2015 by




This month saw the completion and release of our resource booklet, `A Journey without a Map.  Being the parent of a trans child`.   Working closely with parents of young trans people who attend Sara`s Group  (for parents of trans children), we wrote and produced a 20 page A5 booklet.  Two parents led on the writing of the resource, giving testimonies and stories about their own experiences of supporting their children to come out and to access help with their gender transition. We also engaged with some of the young people who attend Transformers, who gave their own testimonies and stories about their identities, coming out and their experiences with family. Using the stories and personal accounts as a contextual basis, the publication employs diagrams and pictures to explain and illustrate a simple way of understanding gender.  From that basis, it then goes on to describe various transgender identities, including trans male, trans female, non binary and gender fluid.

Later in the booklet, we address issues such as social and medical transition, the differences between them and helpful advice and suggestions on how to support a young person through transition.  We also include a spider diagram which details the medical transition process from GP referral to discharge.  There are `top tips` for parents around coming out, name change, mental health, school and personal care too.  We also included a glossary of key terms and commonly used words and phrases which relate to transgender identities.

The aim of the booklet is provide a clear, concise, supportive and positive introduction to transgender issues and identities and this booklet does so with a clean, simple lay out and friendly and accessible language.



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